Ranfurly Primary School

Getting to Ranfurly Primary School


Sturt Highway, Monak (#7175) - Trinity Lutheran College

Note: Operates in conjuction with N12 service


St Josephs College


Ranfurly Primary School


Trinity Lutheran College

AM Journey
7:47Sturt Highway, Monak (#7175)
7:48Sturt Highway and Keen's Road, Monak
7:54Sturt Highway, Trentham Cliffs (#6527)
7:59Sturt Highway and Knights Road, Gol Gol
8:00Sturt Highway and Wilga Road
8:05Gol Gol North Road (#253)
8:09Gol Gol North Road and Mitchell Lane, Gol Gol North
8:12Gol Gol North Road (#170)
8:13Wood Street
8:14Burns Road
8:15William Street
8:15John Street (Gol Gol Post Office)
8:16Adelaide Street (Sturt Highway)
8:17Burns Road
8:17Wood Street
8:21Dawn Avenue
8:22Sturt Highway
8:22Punt Road
8:23Carramar Drive (#13)
8:26Sturt Highway
8:28Service Road, Sturt Highway
8:30Sturt Highway, Buronga
8:38St Josephs College
8:42Ranfurly Primary School
8:45Trinity Lutheran College

Going home from Ranfurly Primary School

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