Driven Women

Introducing Driven Women

An initiative by CDC Victoria to increase, support and retain our female workforce by offering learning, training, development, and employment across all roles, including drivers, mechanics, operations, administration, or management roles

The Commitment

CDC commits to delivering a minimum 10% increase in female employees annually

The Components

Driven Women Explore

Join us for an information session or an Open Day event in April 2022 where you can explore our program in person and ask any questions that will help you make a decision

Driven Women Learn

Once onboard, learn the nuances of the bus industry and bus driving from highly skilled, experienced, and accredited trainers

Driven Women Network

Complete the program successfully and join the workforce at CDC Victoria and network with other women to get peer support and a platform to share your views, and ideas

Driven Women Plan

This is where your insights and ideas help to build our action plan as we continue to review ways to retain females in our workforce and to make the bus industry more female-friendly.

Wyndham Jeanette 2Women can do anything. At CDC Victoria that’s not just a statement, it’s a fact.

We are looking for Driven Women to join our business. Confident, independent women who are willing to give a career in transport a go.

We’re not just talking about behind-the-scenes jobs that women have traditionally done in the transport industry. Sure, at CDC Victoria we have strong female participation in management and office-based roles, but we also have female mechanics, drivers, operations staff and more. But here’s the thing, we want more.

CDC Victoria’s business is linking people, places, and communities. We pride ourselves in helping people get to where they need to be, and we might have an opportunity for you.

Female assistant mechanic apprentice smiling and doing her job in front of a CDC VIC busFor the right candidate we can offer the chance to learn and grow. A career at CDC Victoria comes with a very competitive salary, good job security and a supportive workplace culture. Our depots are clean and modern with facilities like personal lockers, recreation spaces, prayer rooms and quiet places, and conditions of employment that respects the things that are important to women, such as paid parental and domestic violence leave.

But what about the shift work? Well yes, our route buses must run in the early morning and late evening, 365 days a year. But with weekend and public holiday shifts comes great pay, so you can rest assured you’ll always be compensated for your efforts.

That said, flexible work opportunities do come up from time to time including part time and casual roles if that suits your lifestyle better. All our drivers are paid above the industry award, and you can expect to get paid significantly more than industries like retail or hospitality.

Female driver smiling while holding the steering wheelIsn’t it difficult to drive a bus? Well yes and no. We believe that anyone can learn to drive a bus, but we aren’t saying it is going to be easy. All buses are airconditioned, have power steering and automatic gearboxes, so it isn’t physical strength that makes a good bus driver. Good bus drivers are careful, observant, alert and above all display excellence in customer service. If that sounds like you, we want to talk.

At CDC Victoria we aim to break down gender barriers for employment in the transport industry by growing female participation in our workforce. CDC Victoria has committed to significantly increase its number of female employees as part of a broader strategy lead by the Department of Transport’s Women in Transport program. We have invested in initiatives to support women in our workplace, and are proud partners of the Transport Workers Union’s Women’s Advocacy Program and Tradeswomen Australia initiatives.

And now we’d like to invest in you. Stay tuned to this page if you’d like further information about our Driven Women program initiatives.

We believe women can do anything at CDC Victoria. That’s a fact.

Are you ready to sign up for the Driven Women Program?