We’ve Got Your Back

We’ve Got Your Back

In order to keep our staff, passengers and the community safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, CDC Victoria has put in place a variety of extra safety practices at our depots, offices and on board our buses.

We understand that with restrictions easing, more people may be travelling on the network. CDC Victoria would like to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to ensure a safe ride during this time, in line with the Department of Transport’s advice.

We will continue to upkeep all safety procedures in order to provide a safe, comfortable journey and help keep you safe. We thank you for practising good hygiene and doing your part in keeping Coronavirus at bay.

Our Safety practices

  • All staff, visitors and contractors at CDC depots (Victoria wide) have their temperature taken when they first arrive at the bus depots.
  • CDC has worked closely with Government and have a “No cash handling” policy on all buses. Passengers must have a topped card as drivers can no longer handle cash.
  • All Staff have been issued with hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes and encouraged to wash their hands often.
  • All our buses are cleaned regularly and routinely disinfected to stop the spread of germs (includes daily sanitization cleaning of all touch points and driver’s cabin).
  • Buses are completely sanitised regularly with the use of fogging machines with antibacterial and sanitising mist.
  • CDC has a Buffer zone in place on all buses which blocks off the front 2 seats. This allows us to keep our drivers and passengers safe. We ask that you please try and respect this, as much as possible.
  • CDC promotes social distancing practices at all depots and offices with blocked off seats, etc in lunchrooms to keep staff safe.
  • We have been providing an on-site free flu vaccination for all staff and a reimbursement program for staff who want to do flu vaccination at their own doctors, etc.
  • CDC promotes flexible work at home arrangements for admin staff (where possible) and the use of online meeting spaces for meetings/ discussions, etc.