Veterans’ Health Week 2022

Veterans’ Health Week 2022 is a national event from Saturday 1 October to Sunday 9 October

Victorian Veterans and War Widows are eligible for free travel on public transport across Victoria
during Veterans’ Health Week.

To obtain free travel for a permitted purpose Veterans and War Widows simply need to travel with
one of the below forms of identification:
• wear their uniform
• wear their service medals
• wear an ex-service association or returned from active service or War Widows badge
• present their DVA gold or white card
• present their category V Victorian public transport concession card

Customers with a Veterans Concession myki or an EDA/TPI or War Veterans or War Widow Free
Travel Pass should touch on and off as normal, no fare will be charged during the free travel

Free travel is provided on all public transport in Victoria, including:
• Metropolitan trains, trams and buses
• Regional trains, coaches and buses (including intertown and regional town bus services)