Some superheros wear capes, others wear masks

CDC Victoria driver at the wheel wearing a face mask

While all Victorians mask-up and bunker down for an extended lockdown, our essential workers carry on tirelessly so Victorians that rely on public transport can still get from A to B.

Turning up for work lockdown or not, the essential workers at CDC Victoria do everything they can to limit the risk they face each day while keeping our public transport system running. They are among the legion of heroes that mask up each day to keep the services we take for granted running.

CDC Ballarat driver Gurmej Singh appeared on the front page of the Ballarat Courier recently alongside other “Hidden Heroes of Ballarat” highlighting the people who have helped the regional city carry on during COVID-times.

“We really do take pride in our job and what we do,” Mr Singh told the Courier.

“At the end of the day we had to do it because serving the community [is important], that’s what it is all about.”

“We care about our families and our health as well, but it’s something that, as a community member, we all have to be responsible for, so we do take pride in that and that’s why we do it,” he said.

Mr Singh told the Courier that his upbringing and involvement in the Sikh community group Dhan Shri Guru Nanak Inc., where he is acting president, helped shape his community mindedness.

“If you do things for the community and then somehow you get that back,” he told the Courier “It’s in my blood and I thought I’ll carry that same thing, doing [good] for the community. That makes me feel better or happy and I take pride in that.”

Each of CDC Victoria’s essential workers has their own reason for wanting to keep the community safe and moving. CDC Victoria’s core business in linking people, places, and communities. Doing so safely is just part of the service.