Solar Panels Installed at CDC Victoria’s Wyndham Depot

We are so proud to share that CDC Victoria’s Wyndham depot is now powered by clean and green, solar energy. Wyndham depot switched on a 99-kilowatt solar panel system at the start of this year. The system includes a smart inverter that helps to manage the power consumed while sending excess amounts back into the state power grid.

CDC Victoria Wyndham Solar Panels

Mark Stone, Manager, Business Performance, explained what went behind this process, “We engaged a solar specialist business to evaluate and recommend a solution for installing our solar panels.

This solar installation means Wyndham depot will now be producing approximately 30% of its power consumption through solar energy. It is also expected this initiative will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 1,100 tonnes over the next 10 years. “This is a great investment for the environment in reducing our carbon footprints, takes the pressure off the main electricity grid and financially makes good business sense,” Stone added.

Ravneet Walia CDC Victoria

Ravneet Walia, Service Delivery Manager at the Wyndham Depot, said, “Early data for summer months displayed that our solar panels were producing most of our daily usage at the depot during the peak time. So, this initiative not only reduces the cost of operations but most importantly ties with our other greener efforts like hybrid buses to provide more sustainable public transport.”