Scania Optimise improves driver performance

Drives at CDC Victoria receive their Scania Optimise training certificates

We love encouraging the development of staff through training, especially with the drivers who are the majority of our workforce. In 2016 a trial of the Scania Optimise Program was completed with drivers on route 606 from the Altona Depot. A 12-month program began Nov 2016, at the Werribee Depot for 106 drivers. It concluded early 2018.

Run by Scania, the Optimise Program is a driver development course that involves enhancing driver abilities by teaching them safe driving methods and how to maximise utilisation of the vehicle through 4 key indicators: increasing coasting, reducing idling, reducing harsh braking and reducing CO2 emissions on the environment. The program encompasses a 4-hour classroom theory lesson, in-route observation training and coaching calls to help improve and maintain the improvements in the key indicators. Improvements in these key indicators can also result in improvements; less stress and fatigue, increased customer comfort, less wear and tear on the vehicle and less at fault vehicle accidents. During the entire program, Scania monitors both the vehicle and the drivers. All individual results are only discussed between the Trainer and the driver.

Overall results from the Werribee program demonstrates improvements in the way the drivers drove the buses:

  • Total average of 6.42% CO2 emissions reduction (equivalent to 8.2 homes energy usage for a year)
BEFORE Optimise Program

·         40.04 L/100km Fuel Consumption

·         0.99 kg/m CO2 Emissions

·         403.7 Brake Applications/100km

·         6.3 Harsh Brake Applications

·         33.4% Idling

·         21% Coasting

·         1.2% Outside Green-band Driving

DURING Optimise Program

·         37.49 L/100km Fuel Consumption ü

·         0.92 kg/m CO2 Emissions ü

·         386.1 Brake Applications/100km ü

·         5.6 Harsh Brake Applications ü

·         30.3% Idling ü

·         24% Coasting ü

·         0.6% Outside Green-band Driving ü

Thank you to all drivers who participated in the program and Congratulations to the following drivers who received awards from Scania:

  • Kyle Lee – ‘Best Idling’
  • Avtar Singh – ‘Best Harsh Braking’
  • Dusan Markovic – ‘Best Fuel Consumption’
  • Mersh Gebrekidan – ‘Best Coasting’
  • Richard Yoo – ‘Most Consistent’

In May 2018, we also begin a 6-month program in Ballarat so drivers can best utilise the new Scania buses delivered in 2017. All CDC Victoria Trainer/Assessors have been trained in delivery of this course so that we can use it in the future for refresher training.