Route 495 Diversion

Effective date: 24th August to 26th August 2019

Please be advised that due to roadworks, buses will not be able to access The Strand from Saturday, 24th August to 24/08/2019 14:00 to Monday 26th August 05.00

Route 495 buses will have to detour via Palmers Road, Dunnings Road and Boardwalk Boulevard.

Bus Stop Information:

Bus Stops missed along The Strand include Stop ID: 50023, 50024, 50025, 50026, 50027 and 50028.

Bus Stops missed on Boardwalk include: 44291, 44292, 41410 and 41411.

For Bus Stops: 44291 and 41411, passengers will need to use Bus Stop ID#44266 on Dunnings Road for all inbound trips.

For Bus Stops: 44292 and 41410, passengers should use Bus Stop ID#44267 for all Outbound trips.