Route 181 Detour Due to Upcoming Roadworks

Effective: 24 June to 3 July 2020

Due to upcoming roadworks on Westmill Drive (Hoppers Crossing) between Bisset Court and Carruthers Drive, Route 181 services will need to detour via Heaths Road, Tarneit Road and Wilmington Avenue ( in both directions) from first service until 5pm (Mon to Fri).

Missed stops include:

Bus stop ID#: 21815, 6603, 7352, 6602, 21813, 21814, 6762 & 21641.

Route 181 services will resume its normal route after 5pm until last service(Mon-Fri) and there will be no detour on weekends.

20277 CDCV Rte181 Diversion Map