Empowering Indigenous Youth: CDC Victoria’s Commitment to the Nallei Jerring Youth Program

Empowering Indigenous Youth: CDC Victoria's Commitment to the Nallei Jerring Youth Program

At CDC Victoria, our commitment to community and values-driven partnerships is at the core of our mission. We recently had the privilege of participating in the Nallei Jerring Youth Program, an initiative by our esteemed partner, The Western Bulldogs Community Foundation (WBCF). This program is dedicated to supporting young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and fostering leadership within their communities.

The Western Bulldogs’ Nallei Jerring Project aims to provide opportunities for young people of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds. It serves as a platform to encourage leadership within their local Indigenous communities.

The first session was held at Footscray and was focused on Youth Leadership and Responsible Gambling Education. The session began with a warm welcome that recognised CDC Victoria’s commitment as a loyal partner to WBCF over the years. The room was filled with excitement as we watched energetic young minds, aged 13 to 15, disembark from our CDC charters to participate in a stimulating Youth Leadership session at the Phoenix Youth Centre in Footscray.

The workshop primarily focused on helping these young adults identify and develop skills to become better leaders within their communities. It was heartwarming to witness their engagement throughout the session. Additionally, an interactive workshop by a representative from SALT (Sport and Life Training) shed light on the darker aspects of the gambling industry. This allowed young, impressionable minds to better channel their love for sport and become advocates for responsible gambling practices.

The next session was held in Ballarat and focused on identity and community building. The Nallei Jerring session in Ballarat brought together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young adults from multiple local schools. The session delved into ‘Identity within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities,’ led by the knowledgeable Dani from WBCF. Discussions included topics like combating stereotypes and nurturing a sense of community.

Lachy Edwards, Indigenous Program Manager at Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, shared his personal journey and the challenges he faced as a member of the Aboriginal community. The day was filled with icebreaker games, informative audiovisual presentations, and constructive discussions about bringing future programs to the forefront.

We were humbled to be acknowledged for our constant contribution to providing the core foundation for these programs. Beyond transportation, our buses played a vital role in facilitating these sessions, enabling the Nallei Jerring Youth Program to come closer to achieving its goals year after year.

We are committed to fostering meaningful associations with our partners and the wider community. We believe in building better and brighter futures by empowering Indigenous youth, nurturing leadership, and instilling values that create positive change.

Through our involvement in initiatives like the Nallei Jerring Youth Program, we demonstrate our core values and our contribution to the empowerment of young leaders within our Indigenous communities.