Victorian Maori Wardens Inc.

The VMWI have been providing uniformed patrol services on our buses since May 2014 in order to engage with youth groups and promote good behaviour.

About our partnership

CDC Victoria, and the VMWI, with the support of Public Transport Victoria (PTV) launched a joint initiative aimed at providing guidance, leadership and counselling services to Maori youth in order to model good behaviours in 2014. This involves uniformed members of the VMWI travelling on CDC Victoria buses in groups of three, primarily to engage with the targeted youth groups.

The initiative which was launched in late May 2014, has been warmly received by travelling commuters, bus drivers, and the public at large. The VMWI have engaged with numerous youth, the general public, other transport safety personnel, and the wider community.

If you’d like to become a Community Partner or for more information regarding our Community Engagement initiatives, please contact Manager – Community Engagement, Michelle McKersey (03) 9977 9999 or email

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