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Route Timetables

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Route 411 - Laverton Station to Footscray

Frequencies shown are approximate only. Some journeys may not operate the full length of the route or each day of the week. For specific times please refer to the full timetable.

Bus Route Frequency Guide - to Laverton Station
  Weekdays Saturday Sunday
First bus 6:31am 7:56am 9:16am
Last bus 7:36pm 6:27pm 6:27pm
Frequency (minutes)
AM Peak 30 - -
Daytime 40 80 80
PM Peak 30 - 40 - -
Evening 30 - 40 - -
Bus Route Frequency Guide - to Footscray
  Weekdays Saturday Sunday
First bus 5:23am 6:52am 8:12am
Last bus 9:05pm 9:00pm 9:00pm
Frequency (minutes)
AM Peak 30 - 40 - -
Daytime 40 80 80
PM Peak 30 - 40 - -
Evening 20 - 40 Limited Limited

Route Description

To Laverton Station

Departs from Paisley St and runs via Albert St, Buckley St, Sunshine Rd, Geelong St, Geelong Rd, Altona Gate Shopping Centre, Millers Rd, Blyth St, Maidstone St, Queen St, Victoria St, Merton St and Railway Av to Laverton Station.

To Footscray

Departs from Laverton Station and runs via Railway Av, Merton St, Victoria St, Queen St, Maidstone St, Blyth St, Millers Rd, Altona Gate Shopping Centre, Geelong Rd, Geelong St, Sunshine Rd, Buckley St, Nicholson St, Irving St, and Leeds St to Paisley St, east of Albert St. NOTE: THE 4.03 PM WEEKDAY SERVICE FROM LAVERTON DOES NOT RUN VIA MERTON & VICTORIA STS, ALTONA MEADOWS

Wheelchair Access

The Victorian public transport network is progressively becoming accessible for people with special needs. For further information, follow the link below or call 1800 800 007.

More about accessible transport

Service Changes

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Route Map

Map Of 411 - Laverton - Footscray via Altona Meadows, Altona, Millers Road