Vic Maori Wardens extend patrols to Geelong

On Saturday, 25th May 2019, the Vic Maori Wardens (VMW) began their inaugural patrols on CDC Geelong buses. The extension of the VMW’s patrols will cover all CDC Geelong services in an effort to discourage anti-social behaviour and provide an additional level of reassurance and comfort for our passengers and drivers.

The joint initiative between CDC Victoria and the VMW is supported by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and Geelong Police and allows uniformed members of the VMW to patrol key areas on CDC buses till 30 June 2020.

The warden’s main role is to provide guidance, interaction and leadership to youth and others who may be displaying, or at risk of partaking in, anti-social behaviour.

The wardens have been patrolling CDC buses in metropolitan Melbourne in the Werribee, Sunshine, Tarneit, Hoppers Crossing and Wyndham areas since 2014.

Service Delivery Manager of CDC Geelong, Doug Nyman said his team welcomes the initiative and looks forward to the wardens continuing their patrol services on CDC Geelong buses.

“Having the wardens patrol our buses is an exciting development which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing safe, comfortable public transport within the community in Geelong.”

“The team at CDC Geelong are looking forward to having the wardens patrol our buses. We are confident that this will provide positive reinforcements on our bus services in Geelong and help to reduce the incidence of anti-social incidents on our buses.”