Route 439 Detour and Modified Timetable

Effective: 8 May to 1 June 2020

Due to the upcoming closure of Duncans Road Bridge (Werribee), Route 439 will operate with a modified timetable and detour as follows:

Outbound (to Werribee South)

From Duncans Road, the bus will turn Left into Princes Freeway and exit Synedes Road. The bus will then turn Right into Synedes Road, Right into Hacketts Road, Right into Aviation Road, Right into Duncans Road, Left into Diggers Road, Left into Beach Road.

Missed stops include: Bus Stops#20235, 20236, 6894 & 20240.

Inbound (to Werribee)

The bus will travel from White Road, turn Right at Diggers Road, Right into Duncans Road, Left into Aviation Road, Left into Hacketts Road, Left into Synedes Road, Left into Princes Highway, Right into Cherry Street and continue as normal.

Missed stops include: Bus Stops#47155, 41942, 20235 & 20236.

Please note:

Current Route 439 services to Werribee Railway Station commence from Bus Stop#44450 (Duncans Road/Yalonga Ave) and continue as per normal.

Passengers travelling from Werribee South to Duncans Road (between Edwards Road & Synnot Street) need to go to Werribee Railway Station first and catch Route 439 to Werribee South.

Route 439 Map – Outbound To Werribee South:
Route 439 Outbound To Werribee South

Route 439 Map – Inbound To Werribee:
Route 439 Inbound To Werribee