Route 151 & 153 Overton Road, Williams Landing

Effective: 6th December 2021 07:00am until 14:00pm & 7th December 07:00am until 11:00am

Route 151 & 153 

To Williams Landing Station (Inbound services) 

Buses will turn right from Overton road onto Altair street to enter Williams Landing Station.

Missed Bus Stops include: 50134, 50272, & 50136

Effective: 7th December 2021 11:00am until 15:00pm

Route 151 & 153 

To Tarneit (Outbound services) 

From Williams Landing station, buses will continue on Altair street, turning left onto Overton road and continue as normal.

Missed Bus Stops include: 50137

Map Of Route 151 & 153 Williams Landing Station