CDC Joins the TAKE2 Community to address Climate Change

CDC Victoria is pleased to announce that it has pledged its commitment and support to the TAKE2 Community in a bid to address climate change.

This move allows CDC to join thousands of Victorian households, businesses, government and community organisations who are committed to working towards two important targets by 2050 – achieving zero-net emissions and keeping global temperature rise to under two degrees.

Our membership to TAKE2 not only continues the important work we are already doing around Sustainability (eg. Operating the largest Eco-friendly hybrid bus fleet in Australia and an active, joint Revegetation project in the West to name a few) but it allows us to further empower our organisation to make meaningful change that will benefit generations to come.

What is TAKE2?

In Victoria we are already feeling the effects of climate change with higher temperatures, longer fire seasons and rising sea levels. As one of Victoria’s largest land transport operators, we are taking a stand to act now by raising awareness to tackle climate change.

Delivered by Sustainability Victoria, TAKE2 is the state’s collective climate change program supporting individuals, government, business and other organisations to help our state achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Can I join in the journey?

Yes! The best part about TAKE2 is that it is free for individuals or businesses to pledge your support.

By signing the pledge, you will get free resources, connections with like-minded organisations and a personalised plan showing what you can do.
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  • To find out more about CDC Victoria’s TAKE2 pledge, please visit: