Respect Our Driver Campaign

CDC Victoria is launching a brand new ‘Respect our Driver’ campaign in September 2019 aimed at creating awareness and driving respect back to our drivers.

Many of our drivers face physical and verbal abuse on a daily basis and this can have detrimental long-term effects on them, their mental health and their overall job and family life. Our proactive approach aims to personalise our bus drivers who are behind the wheel – in order to encourage social change and drive respect back to very people who are providing a service to the community.

What’s the campaign about?

In this campaign, you will see a series of pictures taken of our drivers from several of our depots. The images in this ‘driver series’ will showcase the drivers in their CDC uniforms but also as regular folk who just like you and I, have lives outside of their work.

Drivers have aspirations, hobbies and families that they work hard to support. They are someone’s mom, dad, sister, brother, neighbour and friend. They are an integral part of society and provide a service to the community every day.

The first of our drivers series characters is John Boak.

Meet John Boak – An avid golfer, John also enjoys watching his daughter play soccer and is a self-confessed movie buff. John is a well respected driver at CDC Ballarat and has been driving with us for a whopping 28 years! Now that deserves recognition in itself! Amazing work John!

Our Respect Ambassadors

The second part of our ‘Respect Our Driver’ campaign will showcase individual passengers and our campaign ambassadors Western Bulldogs footballers Hayden Crozier, Aaron Naughton, Vic Maori Wardens Chair, Eva Tai-Rekena and Guide Dogs Victoria Representative, Russell Buttler.

We trust that you will enjoy this series and we hope that this campaign will remind people that a little kindness can go a long way.

How can I help?

It’s so easy to show a little respect to our drivers. A simple hello and thank you will go a long way. It also helps if you tap on and tap off accordingly so they don’t have to remind you to pay your fare.