Delivering a Greener West

CDC Victoria Staff Participate In One Of The Biggest Planting Events

On Friday, 26 July, six CDC staff volunteers took time from their usual work day to go off the beaten track to participate in a planting session to commemorate ‘National Tree Day’. Our CDC volunteers worked alongside over 50 volunteers from Parks Victoria to plant shrubs, folliage and trees along the Werribee River parklands in order to create an eco-system in the area.

The planting day allowed our staff to get their hands dirty and kicked off another phase of our ‘Delivering a Greener West’ Sustainability program which we launched in 2017 with bus industry partners – CMV Truck & Bus and Volgren.

As part of our ‘Delivering a greener West’ program, CDC and partners funded 5,350 plants and trees to create a sustainable ecosystem along the Werribee River parklands. The foliage and trees that the group planted that Friday represented about one fifth of the total plant that will soon cover the large plot of land in Melbourne’s west.

This project is part of a wider 10-year Rejuvenation plan run by Parks Victoria which aims to beautify parklands around the Werribee River precinct, to create a sustainable eco-system and make it more viable for the community to use.

The ‘Delivering a greener West’ program will contribute to rejuvenating a 25,000 square metre plot  of Werribee River Parklands.

We were so proud to be able to contribute and be a part of our first planting day session putting the folliage and trees we’ve funded into the ground. Special thanks to People & Parks Foundation, Parks Victoria, Werribee and all the volunteers for your efforts today. We couldn’t have done it without you – achieving the largest number of volunteers in one session today! What a perfect start to ‘National Tree Day’.

Our sincere thanks also to Meredith Lamb (Operations Manager at PPF), Alison Hill (MD of PPF), Prof John Stanley (Chair at PPF), Parks Victoria and Miles Crawford (GM of CMV Truck & Bus) for helping out on the day. It was a privilege to be able to be part of such a worthy project that forms the basis of our overall Sustainability regime.

We believe in creating a better future for the next generation and creating an eco-system within the areas that we serve is the perfect place to start.