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Latest news:

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Our newly formed partnership with Western Chances is another testament to how CDC believes in giving back to the communities we serve. Established in 2003 by Terry Bracks AM, Western Chances provides scholarships that offer funding for small items that have a big impact to kids in the West – such as textbooks, tuition fees, internet access, calculators and MYKI cards.

Each year, Western Chances provides more than $590,000 in requested scholarship funds to talented and motivated high school and tertiary students. MYKI is one of the most requested items and over $140,000 is needed each year for these scholarships.

As part of our commitment to Western Chances, CDC has pledged $10, 000 for 2016 to go towards sponsored MYKI cards so that eligible students don’t have to worry about travel expenditure. This allows kids access to public transport to further their education without the added stress and enables them to use the money they would have otherwise spent on MYKI towards other educational essentials.

Western Chances relies entirely on the support of generous donors in order to provide its scholarships. If you would like to further support their great work, please visit

We look forward to a longstanding partnership with Western Chances and the many other ways we can make a difference within the community.