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Latest news:

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Issue 7

DC Victoria is pleased to announce that its new mega depot, Wyndham Depot is now complete and fully operational. The new depot sees the amalgamation of two old depots - Altona and Werribee in Melbourne’s West - allowing for operations of both depots to be centralised from one location.

The brand new state-of-the-art facility now houses 302 employees including 33 head office staff, 11 administration staff, 239 drivers and 19 maintenance crew. Wyndham depot will house an initial fleet of 146 buses – which will be used throughout its 28 bus routes, school runs and private charter hire.

Nick Yap, CEO of CDC Victoria said, “The decision to amalgamate two of our depots into one mega depot at Wyndham was made to modernise the facilities for the benefit of our staff and to facilitate future growth possibilities.”

“The AUD15 million dollar investment into a new modern facility at Wyndham allows us to be better equipped to serve the ever expanding population in the West which continues to see exponential growth compared to the rest of Australia.”

Wyndham depot will also host the new Operations and Customer Centre (OCC) on its premises, an eco-friendly bus wash, 3 covered refuelling stations for maximum efficiency and a bus wash large enough to fit our double decker bus.

CDC Victoria is located at 28 Prosperity Street, Truganina. To contact us, please call (03) 9977 9999

We’re pleased to announce that our Operations and Customer Centre (OCC) has now moved into its new premises at Wyndham Depot. This move further highlights CDC Victoria’s commitment to service delivery, driver safety and operational excellence ensuring that drivers have a reliable, well informed and understanding guide available to provide them with support. The OCC currently operates 7-days a week, from 7am to 10pm.

The OCC also provides visibility for what is occurring across our network of services, including having to deal with planned and unplanned diversions, operational events and delivery of optimal service in real time while applying technologies such as PTV’s Bus Tracking System and Motorola radios.

Social media platform, Twitter is also utilised by the OCC to provide real-time information when there are delays, accidents and other incidents. Once a bus departs the depot, the OCC will monitor service performance until such time the vehicle returns.

To receive real time notifications about our services including disruptions and delays, please connect with us on Twitter @CDCVictoria

In March 2018, CDC Victoria will join the ranks of other multinationals around the world by launching its inaugural ‘Workplace Giving Program’. The new program will enable drivers and employees to donate a regular portion of their pre-tax income to five charitable organisations – which have been specifically identified in a recent staff survey.

Michelle McKersey, Community Engagement Manager said that the new initiative would elevate CDC Victoria’s ability to give back to the community on a macro level while reaching out to the charities of choice within their individual communities.

“As a value-focused company, workplace giving powerfully demonstrates CDC Victoria’s dedication to corporate social responsibility while enhancing our SPaRCQ workplace vision and enables us to forge passionate connections between management and staff.”

The five chosen charities that will benefit from CDC Victoria’s ‘Workplace Giving Program’ include:

  • Brotherhood of St Laurence
  • Give Where You Live Geelong
  • The Kids Cancer Project
  • United Way Ballarat
  • Western Chances

Find our about our SPaRCQ initiative

On Wednesday, 24th January 2018 CDC Victoria launched a brand new Community Engagement (CE) initiative - 'A day in the life of…" in partnership with PTV's 'Bring your kids to work day'.

17 kids ranging in age from eight to 13, two parents and four staff who run PTV's 'Bring your kids to work day' initiative participated in this new event.

Our CE Manager, Michelle McKersey who tailor-made the event with advice from our Safety Manager, Depot Manager and Workshop team, expressed how this inaugural event really paved the way for a brand new direction in Community Engagement for CDC Victoria.

"CDC Victoria is proud and thankful to have been given this opportunity to collaborate with PTV as part of their staff initiative. The event spearheads a new direction for CDC's Community Engagement Initiatives while opening the door for more collaborative efforts in the future."

The day involved a bus pick up from PTV in Docklands, a brief introduction from driver, Tony Meek about his role as a driver and a scenic journey to CDC Oakleigh Depot. At Oakleigh, the kids, parents and accompanying PTV staff were treated to a drive through the bus wash, guided tour into the workshop, an informative look at bus engines and parts, a visit to the driver's room and relaxation area.

"We've only driven one other group of visitors through the bus wash previous to this and we love seeing the reaction from our visitors. Kids and adults alike love the bus wash and the novelty of the short trip really entertains and engages the kids," added Michelle.

They were also given the opportunity to interact with our drivers and staff - to better understand what it takes to be a CDC driver and staff.

"This insider look into the depot really gave visitors the chance to connect with and engage with our staff. We are privileged to work with an amazing team and we're so thankful that our employees took time to answer questions from the kids and parents," added Michelle.

The versatile format of the new initiative also gives us the flexibility to tailor the day to include various other career paths that we would want to highlight in the future.

To keep in touch with more of our CE initiatives, please follow us on Social Media:

For more information about CDC Victoria's Community Engagement initiatives, please visit

CDC Victoria's monthly bus service provides Brimbank widows with a safe, comfortable ride to visit relatives at Keilor Cemetery.

Eleven times a year, a free bus service run by CDC Victoria picks elderly passengers up at St Albans Market and transports them to and from Keilor Cemetery. The monthly bus service happens on the first Tuesday of every month (except in November) and is testament to CDC Victoria's commitment to serving the community.

Many of these widows have been utilising the CDC bus service that is run out of Sunshine Depot for years and look forward to their once monthly gathering where they can get together and catch up. The widows also appreciate the bus service greatly because many of them would not be able to get to the cemetery otherwise.

82-year old, Tina Scettar who comes from Deer Park to use the service, is so grateful for the bus because this is the only way she can get to the cemetery herself.

"We have kids but they are often busy with work so this is the only chance I get to visit," said Tina.

80-year old, Julie Konikkos has been religiously using the free bus service for over ten years.

"I'm so glad we have this service because I get to visit my husband at least once a month. I also come to see some other relatives in this cemetery so I really love having this service," said Julie.

The free bus service allows the elderly widows to travel in comfort, rain or shine, and provides them with the easiest way to get to the cemetery.

Even though there is actually a public bus that goes to the cemetery, it stops across the highway, which is quite a distance away. The only access to the cemetery from the highway bus stop is via a precarious overhead bridge that is not sheltered from the strong winds and rain, making the journey very difficult for these elderly folk, most of whom use walking aids and sticks.

CDC Victoria will continue to run the free bus service from St Alban's Market to Keilor Cemetery at 9.45am on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding November) in 2018. We look forward to welcoming more elderly passengers on board to utilise the service in the coming year.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from our free bus service from St Alban's Market to Keilor Cemetery or need more information about this, contact CDC Sunshine Depot at 9390 0111.