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Route 12 - Lara West to Lara Station

Frequencies shown are approximate only. Some journeys may not operate the full length of the route or each day of the week. For specific times please refer to the full timetable.

Bus Route Frequency Guide - to Lara Station
  Weekdays Saturday Sunday
First bus 6:32am 8:40am 9:42am
Last bus 6:21pm 6:22pm 6:22pm
Frequency (minutes)
AM Peak 20 - -
Daytime 40 30 - 60 30 - 60
PM Peak 20 - -
Evening - - -
Bus Route Frequency Guide - to Lara West
  Weekdays Saturday Sunday
First bus 6:59am 8:22am 9:24am
Last bus 8:08pm 7:06pm 7:06pm
Frequency (minutes)
AM Peak 20 - -
Daytime 40 30 - 60 30 - 60
PM Peak 20 - -
Evening 40 Limited Limited

Route Description

To Lara Station

Departs from Lara West near the corner of Eastlakes Bvd and runs via Canterbury Rd West, Yoorok Dr, Eastlakes Bvd, Grand Lakes Way, Buckingham St, Bath St, Patullos Rd, Ware St, Benjamin Dr, Kees Rd, Flinders Ave, Curletts Rd, Turner Ave, Station Lake Rd, Waverley Rd, Walkers Rd, Hicks St and Lara Station access Rd to Lara Station. NOTE: Buses operate to a Saturday timetable on public holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday, when a Sunday timetable operates. Normal weekday timetable operates on Geelong Cup Day (and Melbourne Cup Day).

To Lara West

Departs from Lara Station and runs via Lara Station Access Rd, Hicks St, Walkers Rd, Waverley Rd, Station Lake Rd, Turner Ave, Curletts Rd, Flinders Ave, Kees Rd, Benjamin Dr, Ware St, Patullos Rd, Bath St, Buckingham St, Grand Lakes Way, Westlakes Bvd and Canterbury Rd West to the terminus near Eastlakes Bvd Lara West.

Wheelchair Access

The Victorian public transport network is progressively becoming accessible for people with special needs. For further information, follow the link below or call 1800 800 007.

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Service Changes

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Route Map

Map Of Geelong City - Lara (Route 12)